Minimalism: How To Stay Inspired

Sometimes love isn’t enough. We’re so hyped up in the beginning after getting rid of everything that doesn’t add value to our lives and can’t imaging our lives any other way. Two weeks down the line, we still love the idea of living a minimalistic life and would consider ourselves minimalists but it’s not the same. We’ve repurchased things we let go the previous weeks and our personal spaces are re cluttered. This is because the honeymoon phase is over and the real work is about to begin.

Regardless of profession, hobby, or passion. We need consistent exposure to something we plan to keep a part of our lives, let alone be good at. So while I’m assuming that everyone on this page is interested in minimalism, consistent inspiration is a must. It doesn’t matter how we do this but it does matter that we keep inspired and remember why we’re doing this.

There are many sources of inspiration:

  • Books
  • Daily Practices
  • Visualization
  • Writing About What You Want
  • Talking About What You Want With Others
  • Etc.

And my personal favorite, documentaries.

Since the Minimalists documentary has come out on Netflix, that has been my vice. I watch it at the very least, once a week. When I’m wondering if this is a realistic way of life for the long term, or just plain not motivated, I put the documentary on and get my fix until the next time I watch it.

I get that this post wasn’t the most exciting, but I’ve had a lot going on lately and there are some big changes ahead of me. Posting might be a little all over the place for the next month, but I’ll do my best to keep it consistent.

Keep it minimal. Stay inspired.


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