Minimalism: And Happiness

I'm a big believer in the idea that the whole point of life is happiness. Real, genuine, happiness. It's easy to think we know what the point is, but to achieve that point, a different story. This is where minimalism comes in, for me at least. (And hopefully you as well). How so? It cuts … Continue reading Minimalism: And Happiness


Minimalism: Moving Made Easy

In three weeks time, I'll be moving across the United States from Northwest Oregon down over to Southeastern Illinois. For some people, the act of moving this far can be a lengthy and stressful process. Minimalism for me had made what could be a couple week process into a mere 2 or 3 day drive, … Continue reading Minimalism: Moving Made Easy

Minimalism: It’s Okay To Throw Out Sentimental Items

We've all been there, looking at our high school cap and gown wondering if it's really worth holding on to. Or how about those old t-ball jerseys we've held on to for 20 years? Old prom dresses? "How cool would it be to show my kids?" is the epitome of a what if moment at the heart of it … Continue reading Minimalism: It’s Okay To Throw Out Sentimental Items