Minimalism: Less To Lose

So, a lot has been going on at work  with management restructures leaving people out of a job, and it’s got me thinking about how much better this situation would be for them if they lived a minimalist lifestyle. Most of those affected were the top of the food chain and easily the people making the most money, which means they will most likely be hit harder by the loss of income than I would have been in the same situation.

All of them, as far as I know, live a very consumeristic lifestyle and all have bills on top of bills due to living above their means. If they have subscribed to the minimalist ideal, they would most likely have far less debt and far more in savings which isn’t a big deal if you’ve got a steady $60K a year job, but if that income suddenly stops, it’s a he deal.

I imagine if I lost my job, what would I do? I think I’d be just fine, to be completely honest. I’ve worked towards cutting down debt to the point of having a car payment and rent, but that’s about it. Since my minimalist lifestyle, I have been able to save a substantial amount of money compared to what I had before and honestly believe I would be okay.

It’s times like this that reinforce my belief that owning more than we need is not only unnecessary, but actually pretty risky. Just because we can afford to own something at the moment doesn’t mean that this will be the case forever. Sure, owning two cars or buying things with credit cards might be cool in the beginning, but what happens in times of crisis? These temporary pleasures end up becoming long term burdens that just aren’t worth the first month of excitement.

This was kind of an impromptu post, but the point I’m trying to get across is that just because we CAN afford something doesn’t mean we’ll always be able to. So let’s buy what we NEED, and forget about the excess. Our future selves will thank us for the frugality.


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