Minimalism: Moving Made Easy

In three weeks time, I’ll be moving across the United States from Northwest Oregon down over to Southeastern Illinois. For some people, the act of moving this far can be a lengthy and stressful process. Minimalism for me had made what could be a couple week process into a mere 2 or 3 day drive, depending on how much sleeping I’d like to do.

Packing for me will consist of buying a few boxes from my work and spending all of about 30 minutes packing up my clothes and books. Of course I have other things, but they’re items such as a record player, a tool bag, a laptop, and possibly one or two other knick knacks that can just go on my passenger side seat. No stress, no money on a moving truck, no trying to force everything I have in to one truck to avoid making two trips.

When I do mosey on in to town I will have to stay in a motel for a month or so while waiting for the soon to be house to close. Since I subscribe to a minimalistic lifestyle, once I pull in to the motel, everything I own will fit in to one corner of the room and take up about 4 medium sized boxes worth of stuff, if that. This means no paying for a storage unit in the mean time. No unloading everything from my vehicle, in to the storage unit just to reverse the process once it comes time to move into my new place. Essentially, this means no stress.

Then when the time comes to actually move in to my home, it will take all of 30 minutes again to unload my truck and put everything in it’s rightful spot. The last thing anybody wants to do after living in a motel for a month is to finally get in to a home and have to spend days unpacking and finding a place for the thousands of items crammed in to the back of a U-Haul. As for me, I’d like to get everything in to the house as quickly as possible and get on with my life, Maybe go for a hike or check out the town.

I know this wasn’t the most exciting blog post, but it serves a purpose. The point of minimalism isn’t a fashion statement, nor is it something we can hold over other’s heads to make them feel like slaves to the product market. It’s a practical way of life that makes our lives easier. It gives us more time to focus on the things that matter, rather than getting stuck spending time on things that only stress us out and drain our mental capacity. Minimalism definitely isn’t the only way of life, but I’ve found that it continues to prove itself as the best way of life, for me anyway.


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