Minimalism: Buying A Home

The most important part of buying a home is figuring out what is important to us. It’s easy to get caught up and by a house just because it’s available even though it doesn’t possess what we want, even though it possesses a lot of what we don’t need. Is it an awesome house with a beautiful kitchen we want, do we crave a large plot of land, or is it more about location? These are questions we should be able to answer before we even start looking in to places.

I have just purchased a house and I’ll admit, it’s not what I want. That being said, it’s the perfect tool to get what I want in the near future seeing as how the payments are extremely low and will allow me to save up for my perfect home. For me, I would like a smaller house (around the 800-1,000 square feet range) with 3-5 acres  with a pond and massive garden on the outside of a town with at least a few things to do. Pretty specific, right? It needs to be. If we aren’t 100% sure of what we want, how will we ever get it?

You may not want the house that I do and that’s perfectly fine, but you should have an image of what it is that you do want so that when the time comes to get it, you’ll be ready. I’m a big believer in the thought that if you visualize what you want for long enough, it will eventually come. I’ve visualized my perfect home for many years and now I’m in an area where they have homes like the one I want all over the place, and furthermore, at ridiculously cheap prices.

And seeing as this is a minimalism blog, keep it simple! We don’t need 5 bedrooms for 3 people, nor do we need a 4,000 square foot house if we spend most our time outside. So keep it modest. Just think that every square foot not used on the house can be used as part of the yard. Not to mention less to clean, lower utilities, and a more sustainable home!


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