Minimalism: How To Stay Minimal While Buying New Things

We’re minimalist, we don’t buy things. I hope you enjoy that IPhone 6S because it’s the last phone you’ll ever own…KIDDING! This is a kind of curious subject though, knowing when it’s okay for a minimalist to buy something new. It seems counter productive to buy things when we’re trying to cut down on them, won’t we just get more and more until we’re no longer minimalist? Here’s a few tips and tricks I’ve learned during my time as a minimalist and trying to stay that way while acquiring a new item every once and a while.


Mull it over: It’s okay to buy things as a minimalist if it’s something practical and genuinely brings us joy. The next time you see something you want, think about it before you impulse buy or shut down the notion right away. If it’s something you think will bring joy in to your life and you want it for over a month without changing your mind, it’s probably a good buy.

Keep it practical: While we may want something and keep that lust for it beyond a months time, that don’t always mean that it’s something we should buy. New items for minimalist should bring us joy AND serve a purpose. I would love to own 10 fishing poles and that won’t change in a months time, but is that 10th pole really serving a purpose that the other 9 aren’t? Probably not.

Replace: If we’re being realistic, we can’t keep an item forever even though there is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes upgrades are necessary, and when that time comes, replace the old item. If you make your money on Youtube and you’re rockin’ a video camera from the 90’s, your channel probably won’t be as good as it could be. Buying a Cannon G7X will most definitely be a could investment, buy replace the old camera instead of just adding to the collection.

Donate or sell: This may be the most important step to staying minimal. When you replace an item, donate or sell the item you’re replacing. Any time I get a new piece of clothing, I throw an older one I no longer wear in to a box. When that box is filled, I donate it. When I inevitably buy a better computer, I’ll sell the one I have now. Doing this is the one step that prevents us from falling back in to the hoarder mind state.

No duplicates: If “donate or sell” is the most important, this is for sure the second most important. There’s no reason to have 3 of the same phone charger, two pairs of similar shoes in different colors, or multiple pull over hoodies with different logos. Choose your favorite and get rid of the rest. These items are rarely ever used and are the “just in case” items that cripple minimalism at it’s core. We’re each one person, we only need one of an item.


For those of you out there just diving in to minimalism, are these tips helpful? Are they hard to implement? The no duplicates one was a tough step for me. I was a “just in case” warrior.

To the minimalist who’ve been doing this a while, did you happen to find these tricks throughout your journey as well? Do you have any good ones that I didn’t put up? I’m always looking to learn new tricks of the trade!


3 thoughts on “Minimalism: How To Stay Minimal While Buying New Things

  1. I can relate to just-in-case warrior! Delaying purchase definitely works for me. I broke a large glass mixing bowl I definitely considered a kitchen essential. I used it frequently. I didn’t replace it straight away. I’ve been using a large pot instead and that’s more than adequate. One less thing cluttering the cupboard.


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